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Events 2019



July 7th and 8th- Yorkshire Wartime Experience, Bradford (Confirmed)


Members of our group will be attending the event again to portray Fallschirmjager in Italy, our members will be dug in and displaying in a trench. We will be providing a comunications section display for the event running telephone communication lines between the trenches and operating our original telephone switchboard.


Our members will also be manning two mortars as part of defending the trench line. Some members will also be taking part in the Schools display day for the event on July 6th.



Hunsworth Lane,



West Yorkshire,


June 15th and 16th- Lotherton Hall, Leeds (Confirmed)


This is our fourth year attending Lotherton Hall's event and we are looking forward to attending once again this year to support this Wartime Weekend.


We will be displaying next to the main garden at the rear of the hall next to where the public car parking will be situated. Our members will once again be portraying WW1 and WW2 periods throughout the weekend.







Lotherton Hall,



LS25 3EB


August 3rd and 4th- Baston in the Blitz, Lincolnshire (Confirmed)


This is our third year at this event which our members are delighted to attend once again, providing a large living history display.


Our Ramcke Brigade unit will be attending to portray German and Italian troops serving in the North Africa Campaign during WW2. This will include the main Ramcke Brigade and DRK display showing both front and rear lines in North Africa as portrayed last year with the addition of a small DAK forces display.


Will also hope to have our Nebelwerfer 41 (15cm) which will be on display and taking part in the weapons demonstration however this all depends on if we are able to organise transport for it to the event (to be confirmed).




Main Street,





August 10th and 11th- M5 Spetchley Multi-Period Show (Confirmed)


This will be our second year, with members returning to support his multi-period event.


At M5 Living History Show you will find acres of encampments bursting with history. With re-enactors covering Ancient Greeks, Medieval, Vikings, Napoleonic, American Civil War, WW1 and 2 and many more; and battles and displays throughout the day, there’s never a dull moment. The large traders’ area can supply you with anything from a new string for you longbow to a tasty burger. There is even a prefabricated 1940’s pub, The Wheatsheaf, serving real ale to visitors from any time period. As the summer holidays draw to a close, there couldn’t be a better family day out than a visit to M5 Spetchley Living History Show.





Spetchley Park Gardens,




September 7th and 8th - Victory Show, Cosby, Leicestershire (Confirmed)


We aim to attend this event once again, guesting with members from FJR3 to put on a joint display.


Last year in 2017 the scenario was set as the Battle of the Bulge with a large combined winter display portraying frontline Fallschirmjager troops dug in to defend the crossroads.


Details for this year's scenario to be confirmed, please check back soon.




Foxlands Farm,




April 28th- Militaria Fair, Leasowe Castle, The Wirral, Merseyside (Confirmed)


Our members will be attending this Militaria Fair in uniform, organised by Fortress Militaria. We are currently looking at the possibility of putting on a small display at the Militaria Fair to add to it but if not then we will be attending in uniform during the day.


This is a one day event, which is now in its fourth year of running, with plenty of potential for it to grow in future years.




Leasowe Castle,

Leasowe Road,



CH46 3RF

May 25th and 26th - Dale End Park, Ironbridge Gorge (Confirmed)


We are very much looking forward to attending this event for the third time as a group following being awarded a 1st place in 2017 and 2nd place in 2018 in the trophy for Best Re-enactment Display which was awarded to our members for their fantastic North Africa and Winter war displays put on for the public's entertainment.


Watch this space for this years display which is mostly planned but will be revealed closer to the event.


This event is being held to support and raise funds for the Pilgrim Bandits, who are a veterans association. For more information about the Pilgrim Bandits please visit their website here:



Dale End Park,





May 18th and 19th- Village Church Farm Museum, Skegness (Confirmed)


This is our second year at this event with some of our WW2 Germans attending once again portraying either Ramcke Brigade or Gebirgsjager and DRK. We will be providing living history displays at the event for both the Saturday and Sunday aswell as a small firing display in the event arena.



Please click on the event link to visit their facebook page for more information:



The Village Church Farm,

Church Road South,



PE25 2HF

October 6th and 7th- Statfold Barn Railway, Tamworth (TBC)


Some of our members will be attending this new event as part of putting on a joint display alongside members of FJR 3. The display will involve portraying Fallschirmjager Pioneers.





Stafold Barn Railway,

Ashby Road,



B79 0BU

Lotherton Hall logo

June 30th - Vintage Day at Sledmere House and Gardens, Driffield (Confirmed)


We will be returning to Sledmere House and Gardens once again this year after many years of supporting this fantastic event. Our members can arrive from Saturday onwards to set up ready for the show on Sunday when we will mainly be displaying as WW2 Fallschirmjaeger.






Sledmere House,



East Yorkshire,

Y025 3XG


February 15th, 16th and 17th- Worcester Living History, The Commandery (WW1 and WW2) (Confirmed)


Throughout the weekend our re-enactors will be displaying indoors in the Commandery building portraying a combination of WW1 and WW2 nationalities. For the event our members will be trialing out some of our new impressions for 2019 including: WW1 Belgian, WW2 Belgian, WW1 Italian, WW1 Russian and WW2 German Fallschirmjager.



This is a multi-period event covering a large range of eras incorporating indoor and outdoor displays across various historic sites around Worcester. This is a new event for members of Axis-Allied (AX-AL) which we are very much looking forward to attending.






The Commandery,




April 12th, 13th and 14th - No Man's Land Living History Event (WW1 and WW2) (Confirmed)


This is another new event for Axis-Allied (AX-AL) this season which we are hosting and organising alongside the staff at Bodrhyddan Hall, North Wales. The event is open from 10am until 4pm each day on Saturday and Sunday.


This aims to be a large WW1 and WW2 Re-enactment event with over 100 re-enactors already booked in for the event and mote re-enactors looking to book in soon. Our members for the event will be portraying mostly WW1 nationalities including: Belgian, German, Russian and Italian. Other groups attending and supporting the event will be portraying other WW1 Nationalities such as: British, Canadian, American, French, Bosnian, New Zealand and Irish. We have re-enactors travelling from all over the UK and some from as far as mainland Europe.


We will have a number of vintage and militaria traders onsite over the weekend as well as traders providing a wide range of food and drink catering throughout the event.


For more information:


Or visit the event page here:



Boddrhydan Hall,

Dyserth Road,


North Wales,

LL18 5SB

Poster Design 1

June 9th- RAF Cosford Airshow (Confirmed)


Our members have attended this event some years ago in the past. We will be displaying and contributing to a number of living history displays in the Re-enactment vintage village as part of supporting the Airshow during the day on Sunday.


Cosford airshow holds the prestige for being the largest public airshow in Europe with many different types of vintage and modern day aircraft displaying in the arena throughout the day as part of an action packed schedule.


Our members will focus their impression around WW2 German luftwaffe including a mix of Fallschimjager and Pilot impressions.


Please visit their website for more information:



RAF Cosford,



TF11 8UP

May 11th- Broseley Social Club (WW1 and WW2) (Confirmed)


This is a new one-day event in aid of supporting the social club with a few of our members attending in ww1 and ww2 to provide small living history displays during the day on Saturday 11th only.


Please check back soon for more information about this event.






Broseley Social Club

Bank House

High Street


TF12 5EZ

August 17th and 18th- RAF Cosford Vintage Festival (Confirmed)


This will be a new event this year for members looking to attend where we will be portraying WW2 Fallschirmjaeger in North Africa.







RAF Cosford,



TF11 8UP


October 20th and 21st- Papplewick Pumping Station (Confirmed)


Our members will be providing a Gebirgsjager troops in Russia, 1943 scenario once again this season. This was a new trial event for the display two years ago which was well received and will be replicated once again this year but with alot more equipment and interactive scenarios.


The display will include a wide range of original equipment such as skis, sledges, climbing and mountaineering equipment which we plan to demonstrate the use and talk to members of the public about across the two day event.











Papplewick Pumping Station,

Rigg Ln,



NG15 9AJ


November - AX-AL AGM and Displays at Eden Camp Museum, Malton, (Dates TBC)


Throughout the weekend our re-enactors will be on site portraying a range of units from WW1 and WW2.


Display scenarios for this event taking place in HUT 12 are to be confirmed over the coming weeks once our members have voted for their desired scenario so please check back soon!


This is a wonderful opportunity as it means we can display some of the rarer aspects of the display which aren't usually displayed at events due to trying to protect and preserve them from the elements.


We will also be holding our group AGM at 5:30pm on Saturday Evening (Please note although the event is open to members of the public from 9:00am-5:00pm the AGM is for members of Axis-Allied ONLY).





Eden Camp Museum,


North Yorkshire,

YO17 6RT

December 14th and 15th - National Emergncy Services Museum Vintage Weekend (Confirmed)


This was a new event for members last year in 2018 with members displaying indoors portraying WW2 Gebirgsjaeger (Mountain troops). This year we plan to return with a different and larger display to support the event, displaying inside he old fire/police station.


Please check back later for more information about the event.



National Emergency Services Museum,

West Bar,


South Yorkshire,

S3 8PT

June 22nd and 23rd - Yorkshire Wartime Build Weekend (Members Only) (Confirmed)


This is a build weekend at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience site just a few weeks before the event for members only.



This will allow us  to evaluate the condition of the trench from last year and carry out any needed repairs and or refurbishments before the main show.






See Yorkshire Wartime Experience Below

July 14th and 15th- Woodhall Spa 1940's Festival (Allied Only) (Confirmed)


At this Allied only event our members will be camped and displaying in the woods this year for a change instead of displaying in our usual spot in Jubilee Park. We will be portraying Soviet troops during winter as part of our display as well as portraying Germans during the battle at the Petwood Hotel each day.





Stixwould Road,

Woodhall Spa,


LN10 6QH (Postcode for Jubilee Park located further down Stixwould Road)

July 23rd to 27th - War and Peace Revival Show (Confirmed)


This year a few of our members will be travelling down to the War and Peace show providing ww2 living history displays for the full course of the event (Tuesday to Saturday). Although some members have attended this event in the past this will be the first time that we have attended this show as Axis-Allied (AX-AL).





The War and Peace Revival,

Maidstone Road,

Paddock Wood,


TN12 6PY

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