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As a group some of our members have taken part in various amounts of filmwork; supplying the use of equipment, weapons and uniforms. We are available as a group for hire to carry out filmwork for your production, we attend in authentic uniforms, carrying authentic equipment with members that look the part. In order to book us please contact us via the contact page on our website. Please scroll down to see what we can offer and examples of previous filmwork we have carried out.

Weekend Warriors Series 1 Episode 6 for Yesterday Channel 2014

Vehicles for hire

Opel Olympia OL38 Staff Car

These vehicles were used in various roles throughout the war in particular as Staff Cars and Ambulances. With the shortage of vehicles and transport, these cars were used extensively on all fronts by axis forces, including in North Africa. This particular Opel Olympia is a working film prop that was used in 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Singapore' and is available to book for events and can be hired for filming.


Our group can also supply a driver with the vehicle if you wish to hire it for events and filmwork.


Please contact us if you wish to hire this vehicle for filmwork or for an event. Price on Application.

Units and Weapons for hire

Our group has a wide range of units and impressions which are accurately portrayed allowing us to adapt to most scenarios and fimwork based around the Second World War. Most of our members own blank firing weapons that can also be used for filmwork purposes as well as mock battles. Please see below for some of the heavier weapons that our group can offer to add a more realistic touch to your filming.



Our Panzerschreck is wired to fire a black powder charge that both gives a very realistic visual effect as would have been witnessed during the war alongwith a realistic 'crack' that can be heard when fired. The Panzerschreck is operated by two trained members of our group, one that loads and the other that fires and makes the weapon safe. Our group currently owns 2 of these blank firing Panzerschreks.


British 2 Inch Mortar

The mortar is designed to fire blank saluting cartridges to give an effective sound and a puff of smoke to make it look asif a shelll has been fired from the mortar tube. The mortar is operated by two trained members of our group and is one of the most accurate blank firing copies of the British two inch mortar.

German GrW. 34 - 8cm Mortar

This mortar is a heavier mortar which fires a larger refillable shell, it is a fast and efficient way of laying down heavy fire on enemy positions. The mortar is crewed by a team of 4 members all trained to operate the mortar effectively with all orders given by an NCO (Using Binoculars and contact with a team giving co-ordinates for ranging via field telephone) in German to add authenticity to the display.

Previous Filmwork

Trailer for 'Charlie' 2012

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Nebelwerfer 41 (15cm)

This Nebelwerfer is an extremely accurate model which is rigged to blank fire with all six barrels working. It makes a wonderful addition to battle re-enactments and firing displays both firing and as a prop on the field. To our knowledge this is the only one of its kind in the UK especially with the ability to fire. In case you're wondering, it sounds as good as it looks if not better! We can supply a full team that man and operate this piece as part of a range of displays.